Makeup Inspiration- Oh, Those Summer Nights

I know it’s not Throwback Thursday, but Tuesdays work just as well for me. I was going through modeling photos and ran into a few I shot with Anne Nicolajsen. In the summer I typically wear minimal makeup and stick to my Nars tinted moisturizer and a little L’Oreal Mascara. What I love about these images is the hint of pink on the lips (I’ve been obsessed with pink, FYI), as well as the glossy lids and subtle bronzy glow. A messy bun brings the vibe together. I think this makes for a great Summer evening look and one I look forward to duplicating within the next few weeks. BTW, I would love to credit the make-up artist, but unfortunately, it’s been a few years and I cannot remember the artist for this shoot. I will be sure to credit if I find out.

Let me know what Summer make-up vibes you’re going for and make sure to link any YouTube tutorials you’re inspired by. Some of my favorite beauty YouTubers are Teni Panosian, Tati Westbrook and Raye Boyce. In fact, I think right now is a perfect time to explore some new looks.


Anne_Nicolajsen_06Anne_Nicolajsen_03Anne_Nicolajsen_05 (1)Anne_Nicolajsen_04

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One thought on “Makeup Inspiration- Oh, Those Summer Nights

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