The Winter Struggle

The weather in New York at the moment can best be described as temperamental. What felt like Spring last week quickly shifted into cold as hell this past weekend. The use of an oxymoron is intentional because this weather is making me feel dramatic AS HELL. I couldn’t possibly deal with taking the train last night and opted for a cab instead (refer to my last post. I’m a taxi taking snob and I recognize it’s an issue). What I could endure was making my boyfriend take pictures of me bright and early yesterday morning. Jason is not quite as attention seeking as I am and his sentiments said it all , “I wasn’t cut out for this”. Well, I wasn’t cut out for the winter, yet there I was posing for the sake of my blog. I couldn’t even be bothered to put on my coat because then how could you see the rest of the outfit? Anything in the name of fashion. Teamwork makes the dream work, so shout out to Jason for being the best.

He also nailed it on the first shot.


No, that is not my entryway. Don’t mind me shamelessly loitering on my neighbor’s doorsteps.

Coat: Vintage Christian Dior from Beacon’s Closet. My best guess is that it’s from the 80’s.

TopMen’s Shirt from Folk Clothing. I stole this piece from Jason’s closet and unfortunately, the item is no longer available. I linked the site because it’s absolutely  worth a look. I’m eyeing a few pieces myself.

Jeans:  Vintage Wrangler from Urban Outfitters. Similar here. I cut them at the ankle for a more distressed feel.

Shoes: Dolce Vita. I purchased these shoes about five years ago and have had them repaired twice. Similar here. And they’re on sale for $80 at Nordstrom.




The outfit always comes together in the details.


Gotta love that multicolor side stitching. Earrings and necklace from Marrakech.


I like to think I resemble Joanne the Scammer entering her (non) caucasian house in this one (leave a comment if you get the reference 😉 )

Leaving you the same way I came: with a little drama. Until the next post.

With love,


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