Hello, March

I was on the way to this sweet little cafe called DTUT. My favorite thing about it? It has cozy couches and Happy Hour from 4 to 7pm. Hell yes. Wine and work is alright with me. I walked from 67th to 91st street with Jason. That’s a lot of blocks ya’ll. At least it is for me, who would take a cab everywhere if I could (I’m a princess and I’m not proud). On the plus side? It gave me a chance to find the perfect background to capture my OOTD. I was intent on finding a bright wall and sure enough, I did.


Jacket: Vintage Wrangler purchased at Bobby from Boston

Shirt: Dover Street Market NY

Leggings: American Apparel (get them now while everything is still 40% off!)

Shoes: Adidas X Day One Pure Boost ZG

Sunglasses: Cheap sunglasses bought last minute on a trip. Jason took the good ones.

Let me add that I have not worn leggings as pants since the mid-2000’s, Lindsay Lohan era. Any other pop culture junkies remember her obsession with leggings that later became a line called 6126? That’s how I felt wearing leggings yesterday. Like a ginger Mean Girl. That’s weird, so I’m just going to leave you with this throwback from Buzzfeed. If you don’t know, now you know.


Still pondering the meaning of leggings.


Hair flip, because I’ll wear whatever I please. Leggings and oversized glasses included (SO early-mid 2000s of me).

Seriously, enough with the leggings. I’m not even sure where this post is going.

Oh, yes. In the details. Consider me a ring enthusiast. Perhaps more of a fanatic.

Turquoise Ring: Small shop in Mexico

Middle Ring: Purchased at Amarcord Vintage

Last two rings: Purchased in Morocco



This post has been random enough, so I’ll end it here. Happy March 1st, everyone.

With Love,



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