Somewhere between Fall and Spring

It’s been about two weeks since my last post, and I think I owe my blog an apology. Although I have been pretty engaged on Instagram, I believe it’s necessary to take a break as well. Keep in mind that I recently got a job at a startup that focuses on Social Media Brand Management. Between my own social media and strategizing for others, it’s been social media … Continue reading Somewhere between Fall and Spring

Perpetual Winter

Today, before work, and before this wacky snowstorm hits the east coast. Hat: Free People Similar here Top: Aish Life– Unfortunately, they are currently sold out, but I posted a link because I believe the brand deserves attention. It’s hands down one of my best staple pieces. Coat: I don’t remember the vendor, but I purchased it at A Current Affair. PS. Let me know if you plan … Continue reading Perpetual Winter

Polaroid x Saturday Night Chill

I have an obsession with polaroid film, hence why I created the Polaroid Series. For now it’s become a random set featuring yours truly. I am an ex-model turned blogger after all; there may be a tinge of narcissism there 😬. But my goal is to turn my appreciation for instant film into an archive of my friends, hobbies and overall fashion inspiration. I aim to … Continue reading Polaroid x Saturday Night Chill

Makeup Inspiration- Oh, Those Summer Nights

I know it’s not Throwback Thursday, but Tuesdays work just as well for me. I was going through modeling photos and ran into a few I shot with Anne Nicolajsen. In the summer I typically wear minimal makeup and stick to my Nars tinted moisturizer and a little L’Oreal Mascara. What I love about these images is the hint of pink on the lips (I’ve … Continue reading Makeup Inspiration- Oh, Those Summer Nights