Riviera Maya

*I’m doing a quick edit for anyone considering traveling to Mexico. I can only speak for the area I visited, but in light of the U.S political climate I was slightly hesitant. This is out of character for me. The most we encountered was a joke about Cheeto and other travelers who engaged us in political conversation. I do not support him or his policies and that is all I’m going to say about that*

How do you describe that post vacation feeling? It’s a mixture of a dazed slumber, nestled between relaxed, regrouped and melancholy. The light sadness only comes with the reality that vacation time is over and the daily grind must go on. I write this the morning of our arrival back to the city and it feels bizarre waking up to the sounds of New York traffic as opposed to that of  silence. With that said, I hope my reflection doesn’t come off as a complaint. Our stay at Aventura Mexicana in Riviera Maya was incredible and much needed. A typical vacation for me means paragliding, zip lining or shark cage diving (which I may be opposed to now, but that’s a whole other post). Our intent was simply to relax. And that we did.

This was my first time doing an all inclusive trip and it was terrific. The hotel was only a few blocks away from the beach, but also had its own pools to boast. It looked a little something like this.


And of course this trip gave me a fine excuse to plan my outfits because I mean…when in Mexico.


Dress: Reformation

Shoes: Zara

After dinner we walked around 5th Avenue and came across some dope street art.


Our vacation didn’t solely consist of cute photo ops, I promise. In fact I failed to get a professional camera before the trip (isn’t a reliable camera blogger rule #1?). And although I’m guilty of taking selfies, our phones weren’t out too much.

On our second day we made it to Kool Beach Club and Resort, where drinking and eating ensued. Copious amounts of it.


PS. A little  cellulite never hurt nobody.

Nor does taking full advantage of your scenery.



Bathing Suit 1: Top from Aerie. Bottoms from American Apparel.

Bathing Suit 2: Twenty dollars from TJ Maxx. Holla. The color is giving me life.

So was my outfit later that evening:



Top and Shorts: H&M

Necklace: Purchased in Morocco


Everything else: Old and from vacations past

On a different note, I cannot find one good picture of Jason and me. This may be the closest to it.


We’re both sunburnt and tired at this point. But hell, I can’t create a post without including my partner in crime.

Believe it or not, I did not go on this trip with the intent to shop. I assumed I’d buy a ring at most. Wishful thinking because I left with a whole new outfit including a show stopping jumpsuit from a boutique called Narcisa. Everything is a one of a kind-piece created locally and I fell in love. Add to the fact that I’ve been searching for a jumpsuit and it was a match made in heaven. Unfortunately, the jumpsuit isn’t available for purchase through their online store, but I’m already planning an event I can wear this to because it is stunning. Sigh.

I picked up this beautiful handmade gem from MexiHands .



Dress: Necessary Clothing.

Other significant places to mention are La Casa De Agua where we had the most delicious dinner. With that said, I was too busy eating to take pictures of our food. I’m also not much of a “food porn” kind of woman. I’m more excited to eat than I am to chronicle my foodie ventures. Perhaps I’ll  have to step up my game.

I did bring a box of polaroid film which equals out to twenty exposures. I only ended up with about six images because I kept taking pictures of strangers and handing it to them. That and I couldn’t figure out the settings half the time (blame it on the alcohol).


This was a short trip and time restraints kept us from visiting outside of the immediate vicinity. Visiting Chichen Itza and the Mayan Ruins was on my to-do list, but unfortunately we couldn’t fit it in. In fact, I kind of want to kick myself in the a$$ now for not pushing to go see it. Alas, I hope I’ll have another chance to see them in the future.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll leave you with a couple of more images.




With love,








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