Vintage Meets Menswear

My eyes are heavy and I’m tired as hell. But I’m sitting on an airplane en route to Mexico and blogging is addicting. So is in flight drinking, but they don’t serve mimosas till 10 am (cue sad face). But this post isn’t about flying. Once again it’s about vintage. I should title this “For The Love of Vintage Pt. Dos” because pre-owned clothing has slowly taken over my closet. On the weekends I work at Amarcord, which is arguably the best vintage store in the city. My admiration for vintage has grown as I continue to learn about structure, eras and the make of clothing. Working there has also introduced me to other incredible stores like St. Denis and Another Man’s Treasure in Jersey City. My outfit for this post includes items from two of these stores and it remains one of my favorite looks this month.



Top: Another Man’s Treasure

Pants and Earrings (Men’s fit from the 70’s): St. Denis Vintage

Boots:  Balenciaga

I love that men’s wear can translate into a fantastic fit for women. I especially love this sweet detail at the bottom


Bonus: The pants rock an elastic waist for extra comfort.

I’m also a fan of these earrings that give extra flare to an otherwise neutral outfit.


I was originally going to shoot these images outside, but then this dope wall happened. The artist’s name is Shantell Martin and her work is sick.


My next post will definitely be about my stay in Riviera Maya. Who knows? Perhaps I’ll run into a few vintage gems there as well.

With love,


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