For The Love of Vintage

One of my favorite things to do when I go back home to Arizona is to spend time with my grandmother. My grandmother is a beautiful lady and has been stunning all her life. She also had a great sense for fashion and I’m lucky that she has kept some wonderful gems. One of these include the turban I’m wearing below, which actually belonged to my great grandmother, Tulia. My great grandmother passed away two decades ago, but I continue to remember her vividly. I think that’s the thing about older pieces; they often come with a great story, and in this case, that story belongs to a lineage of strong,smart and resilient women in my family. My turban not only makes a statement, but it also provides me with a connection I carry with me when I’m miles away.

My whole outfit is vintage head to toe and although I don’t know the story to every piece, I know my pants are late 80s and my shoes are from the 40s. How incredible is that? They’re not only in perfect condition, but they are the most comfortable heels I own.

Let me know if you enjoy shopping vintage and if you’ve ever scored a great piece. Feel free to add any of your favorite vintage stores as well.

With love,


Top and Shoes: Amarcord Vintage: Similar here

Pants: Bustown Modern: Similar here







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