My twenties seemed to be good for a few things, that including making bad decisions in life and in my wardrobe. I will never apologize for dresses that were too short, but I have learned to bring it down a notch. At a time when most of my clothes favored on the side of 5-7-9 (who else remembers this store?!), my style has done a 1-8-0. Taste evolves and ten years later, it is to be expected. Don’t get me wrong, I admire a body conscious outfit that shows off the curves, because SLAY HUNNY. But I have also grown to appreciate a looser, more relaxed fit as well. Fortunately for me, my boyfriend’s closet is only a few steps away and he has terrific taste. Often times, when I don’t know what to wear, I’ll find myself throwing on one of his shirts or beanies. Today I sported his hand me down sweat pants.  Let me just note that this is not revolutionary styling; we have the boyfriend jean for a reason. But why buy the boyfriend fit if I can get it for free (thanks babe)? A few weeks ago, I borrowed his accessories and headed to visit a friend in Jersey City. My good friend Manny is a photographer and I was lucky to get some shots in.

Hat: Supreme

Scarf: Engineered Garments

Top: Bobby of Boston

Pants: Rujuta Sheth

Shoes: Adidas X Day One Pure Boost ZG similar here

Jacket: Members Only similar here

Photos: Manny Roman

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